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  • 美國亞裔2020年競選總統-將UBI列為政見 (2018/04/29)


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  • It’s about time we take our education into our own hands. Li (2018/04/29)

    It’s about time we take our education into our own hands. Li

    It’s about time we take our education into our own hands. Life is the most difficult exam. Let me explain

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  • 【哲學談,淺淺地】無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.20—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏 (2018/04/29)

    【哲學談,淺淺地】無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.20—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏

    (上)無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.20—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏

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  • 芬蘭無條件基本收入啟動:期盼著新的開始 (2017/01/12)


    Finland's basic income experiment begins: one man looks forward to a new start

    Perustulo Juha Järvinen Kurikka perhe ruokapöytä ruokailu VH.jpg

    Juha Järvinen is one of 2,000 unemployed people selected to participate in Finland’s basic income trial and receive a tax-free monthly payment from the state of 560 euros. He says the money will help him return to a normal life and get his business off the ground.


    Juha Järvinen, from the western Finnish city of Kurikka, felt like a lucky man in late 2016, when he learned he was one of the 2,000 unemployed selected to take part in a nationwide basic income experiment.

    Juha Järvinen,住在Kurikka西邊的Finnish城.2016年末當他成為全國性無條件基本收入實驗裡挑選出2000名符合失業條件的其中一員時,感覺像是中了樂透.

    “When I saw the letter from Kela in the mailbox, I was like ’Yes!’”, he says.

    Finland’s basic income trial is being run by the state-owned benefits administrator Kela. The 2,000 participants were selected from the ranks of existing labour market subsidy and unemployment benefit recipients. According to Statistics Finland's Labour Force Survey, there were 213,000 unemployed people in Finland in November 2016.
    芬蘭的基本收入決定由國有福利機構Kela管理。 2,000名參加者從現有的勞動力市場補貼和失業救濟金領取者中選出。 根據芬蘭統計局的勞動力調查,2016年11月芬蘭有21.3萬失業人員。

    The participants in the compulsory trial will receive a tax-free payment of 560 euros every month for the next two years. Kela says the purpose of the trial is to ascertain how receiving a state benefit with no strings attached will affect employment.
    實驗的參與者將在未來兩年每月免費獲得560歐元的收入。 Kela說,實驗的目的是看看在沒有附加條件去影響就業而獲得國家福利,情況將會如何.

    Järvinen says he thinks the trial will help him to find work.

    “The basic income will allow me to jump back into normal life. Now that it has my back, I can freely give things a try,” he says.

    More freedom to take temp work

    Järvinen received his first 560-euro payment in his bank account on January 9. The monthly amount will be 90 euros less than Järvinen was receiving in unemployment benefits before the trial.

    Even so, Järvinen is happy about the change, as the basic income will give him more freedom and allow him to entertain more alternatives. The ‘no-strings attached’ principle of the basic income is in contrast to Kela policy, for example, that reduces the labour market subsidy if any additional income is earned.
    即使如此,Juha對這種變化感到高興,因為基本收入將給他更多的自由,並允許他娛樂更多的選擇。 基本收入的“不附帶條件”原則與Kela政策形成對比,例如,如果獲得任何額外收入,就會減少勞動力市場補貼。

    “If I get offered occasional gigs, now I can take them. Before I had to say ‘no’. I want to work and I can do it. In the past, I’ve felt as if I can’t do work, because if I did, I suffered for it.”
    “如果我偶爾得到演出,現在我可以帶小孩們一塊去。 但之前我不行。 因為我得工作,我要做好,且不得不去做.這像簡像是受折磨.

    Opponents of the basic income experiment say it is expensive and it gives people leave to live at the expense of others. Others feel it has the potential to institutionalize temporary contracts and weaken collective labour agreements, in addition to exacerbating the marginalization of women and social outcasts.
    基本收入實驗的反對者說,它代價高,而且讓有些人去過比其他人更爽的生活。 其他人認為,除了加劇婦女和社會魯蛇的邊緣化外,還有可能使臨時合同製度化,削弱集體勞動協議

    Dreaming of self-employment

    Järvinen has been unemployed for five years. Before this, he ran his own one-man company for seven years. His firm manufactured decorative window frames, and demand even extended to markets beyond Finland’s borders.
    Juha已經失業了五年。 在此之前,他經營自己的個體戶七年。 他的個體戶製造裝飾窗框,業務甚至擴展到芬蘭鄰居國家市場。

    Towards the end, however, he found himself working for months at a time without a salary, in practice. Finally, he burned out and the company went bankrupt.
    到了最後,他發現自己在這期間好幾個月工作沒有薪水。 結果,他的個體戶解體了。(這段講的有點蛋疼XD)

    “I lost my credit rating and went into foreclosure.”

    Järvinen says he believes that the basic income will give him a new chance. He is confident that he’ll have a new business up and running by the end of January or beginning of February.
    Juha說他認為基本收入將給他一個新的機會。 他相信他將在1月底或2月初重新開始。

    "For my part, the basic income will mean I can escape enslavement and feel that I am a functioning citizen again.”

    Bureaucratic jungle eases up

    Järvinen says the basic income will also mean that he can be more present in his children’s everyday life. The oldest of his six children is 15 and the youngest is 5. His wife works as a nurse.
    Juha說,基本收入也意味著他可以更多地參與孩子的日常生活中。 他六個孩子中最老的是15歲,最小的是5歲。他的妻子擔任護士。

    He is certain that his family will run up against much less bureaucracy during the basic income experiment than what they experienced when he was receiving social assistance – Finland’s last-resort form of financial aid.
    他確定,他的家庭在基本收入實驗中將比他們在接受社會援助時所經歷的更少的官僚主義 - 芬蘭的最後手段形式的財政援助。

    He remembers one incident in particular when he needed to warm his house. Kela agrees to pay certain bills that are necessary for basic necessities in life, like food, clothing and public transport. Any bills paid directly reduce the amount of basic social assistance, however.
    他記得一件事兒,特別是當他需要溫暖他的房子。 Kela同意支付生活中基本必需品所需的一些賬單,如食品,衣服和公共交通。 但是,所支付的任何票據都直接減少了基本社會援助的數額。

    “I couldn’t get money for wood to heat the house, so I had to revert to electric heating.”
    偶沒有拿到足夠的錢來買木材為房子加熱,所以只好又回復到電暖器(用電不是更好?? )

    If his home would have had a wood-burning stove in the sauna, he would have qualified for 50 euros in compensation. Because the money to heat his house with wood was rejected, he had to rely on electric heating, which ended up being much more expensive.
    如果他的家在桑拿浴室裡有一個燃木火爐,他將有50歐元的補助。 因為用木材加熱的錢不夠,他不得不依靠電加熱,結果生活費用更貴。(原來是這樣)

    然後就這樣, 沒了. 沒尾~

    http://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finla ... rt/9394707

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  • Re: 【哲學談,淺淺地】無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.20—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏 (2018/04/29)

    Re: 【哲學談,淺淺地】無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.20—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏

    (下)無條件基本收入 UBI 2018.4.27—沈清楷、葉浩、吳豐維 \ 來賓:羅泰、吳東晏

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  • Re: 芬蘭無條件基本收入啟動:期盼著新的開始 (2018/04/24)

    Re: 芬蘭無條件基本收入啟動:期盼著新的開始


    芬蘭「無條件基本收入」計畫今年提前結束 研究人員嘆:實驗期太短

    匯流新聞網記者藍立晴 / 綜合報導





    不過,根據《商業內幕》(Business Insider)報導,芬蘭議會在去年12月通過一項法案,要求計劃中的求職者必須在3個月內至少工作18小時,或在3個月內進入就職培訓計畫,如果求職者找不到工作,將會失去一些福利,也就是這項計畫將轉向一個全新的方向,更脫離了基本收入的概念。




    全民基本收入(Universal Basic Income,UBI)的概念並不新鮮,是指不審查任何條件與資格下,由政府或組織定期定額發給全體成員(人民)足以滿足基本生活條件之金錢,無論其是否有收入、工作或財產。

    而根據研究調查機構Dalia Research針對28個歐盟國家的調查,有高達68%的公民表示「一定會或可能會」支持某種程度上的全民基本收入保障。不過,瑞士在2016年曾提出UBI的計畫,卻因為會對國家經濟造成極沉重的負擔,在公投中遭到7成國民的反對而不了了之。

    基本收入的概念也與機器人、AI等自動化科技的迅速發展極為相關,包括特斯拉(Tesla)、SpaceX公司的CEO馬斯克(Elon Musk)、Facebook創始人之一的克里斯休斯(Chris Hughes)、Google的未來學家與工程總監庫茲威爾(Ray Kurzweil)等人都支持基本收入概念。




    根據芬蘭財政部長Petteri Orpo的說法,今年12月基本收入計畫結束後,政府已制定了一個全新的信用實驗項目,類似於英國的通用信用系統(Universal Credit),當國民處於失業或低收入狀態,此系統將會依據失業者的實際情況,如是否有小孩、殘疾、健康程度以及收入等條件,每個月評估後發放津貼。


    http://www.businessinsider.com/finland- ... ent-2018-4
    http://fortune.com/2018/04/19/finland-u ... nt-ending/
    :D :D

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